cuppuccino cup

I got commission to make a pair of cuppuccino cups. Hope this will make their everyday a little bit happier!
(And I will make some more.)


furrow in snow

furrow in snow, 2013
thrown in stoneware and curved

This series 'furrow in snow' was developed from the tree bowls that I used carving technique to highlight the tree design. For this series I use the technique to make pattern.

The series has a variety of products: dinner plate, dessert plate, mug, beaker, gratin dish etc...


tiny bottle

tiny vase in bronze glaze, 2012

This is developed from the tiny jars. I used the carving technique to make patterns. I think the carved surface really goes well with this bronze glaze as the texture catches the runny glaze and where it's thick the glaze produce lovely gold colour. The vases also come in white glaze or green glazes.


daisy, 2012
thrown in stoneware, white glaze

These bowls are produced in the experiment of carving technique. For the tree bowls I used the chisels to carve out the design but for this I used the carving marks as pattern.

tiny bottles

tiny bottles, 2012
thrown in stoneware